Posted on Oct 9, 2020

Eyes Of Texas

Eyes Of Texas: Vision Problems

Our sight provides security to the rest of our senses and helps us orientate wherever we are this is why you should take good care of them and visit an Optometrist in Bryan regularly.

Sight is possible due to a series of interesting factors inside of your body. The connection of the eye and the brain makes it possible for you to see and when you experience any issue with your vision you should contact an expert at Eyes of Texas.

To make vision possible, light must fall into an object so it can reflect into your eyes. The light must travel through your pupils and pass through the lens. At this point, lenses sharpen the image and they also turn the image upside down and sends it to the retina. The nerves in the retina will detect light and sent the information to the brain. Then the brain will interpret this information and tell you what the object is. If your retina, lenses or any other part of the eye are damaged you will require the help of a specialist.

At Eyes of Texas, Dr. Simpson will not only help you recover your vision but will also educate you to understand the condition or disease that is affecting your vision. It is astonishing that the whole process just takes millions of a second! Visit Eyes Of Texas today and we can help you with any eye care service you may need.

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