Posted on Oct 13, 2020

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Eyes Of Texas: Age Caused Retinal Vision Problems

Many visual problems have their origin in the retina. The retina is located in the back of your eye. It's a light-sensitive tissue and its main function is to relay images into your brain. A problem with the retina will affect your vision depriving you of doing regular activities. At Eyes of Texas we can diagnose your visual condition and prescribe the right lenses to correct your vision.

Diagnosing A Retinal Problem

Have you noticed sometimes your eye perceives spots in your vision? These are called floaters. This could be related to your age and are most likely normal floaters due to the formation of small clumps in your retina that could be perceived as tiny shadows. However, if it affects your vision so that it doesn't allow you to see clearly, look for an Eye Doctor near me since it may be a warning of a different situation like a torn retina. But don't ́t worry because if you treat it quickly it won't lead to a retinal detachment.

Retinal Detachment is a very common vision problem, if it's not treated correctly and rapidly it may lead to permanent vision loss. Visit your eye doctor as soon as you experience an increase of floaters. We have a professional Optometrist in Bryan ready to assist you!

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