Eye defects are unusual issues that prevent the eyes from performing their normal functions. If you're experiencing any symptoms of eye problems in Bryan, please get your eyes checked on time. At Eyes Of Texas, we offer several excellent solutions to eye problems. We have a qualified optometrist ...

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There isn't anyone in the world who doesn't know the great role a functioning eye plays in human lives. When eyes are not in a good state, the other parts of the body are affected. Luckily, for individuals living in Bryan, they can easily access an Eye Doctor Bryan when they're feeling any sympto...

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Get All-round Visual Wellbeing At Eye of Texas

You do not have to go broke, trying to access premium eye care services. At Eye of Texas, we are passionate about providing affordable quality eye treatment services to our patients. We do not have hidden costs and therefore keep our patients inform...

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Eyes Of Texas: Vision and Technology

Vision is essential for humans; we identify our surroundings and even pick our favorite colors or choose food using only our visual skills. So when we begin experiencing difficulties watching we may get anxious and worried. Nowadays, technology is a great all...

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Eyes Of Texas: Wearing contact lenses

Contact glasses are small lenses that you wear in contact with your eye. They were designed to correct and maintain ocular health. Contact lenses are also used for fashion to change your eye color and to customize your eye in a variety of designs. At Eyes of...

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Eyes Of Texas: Age Caused Retinal Vision Problems

Many visual problems have their origin in the retina. The retina is located in the back of your eye. It's a light-sensitive tissue and its main function is to relay images into your brain. A problem with the retina will affect your vision deprivi...

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Eyes Of Texas: Vision Problems

Our sight provides security to the rest of our senses and helps us orientate wherever we are this is why you should take good care of them and visit an Optometrist in Bryan regularly.

Sight is possible due to a series of interesting factors inside of your body. T...

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Eyes Of Texas: Prevention In Taking Care of Our Eyes

One of the most important things you can do in life to maintain your lifestyle is to protect your eyes. Many causes of blindness are more common as you age, some of the age-related diseases are macular degeneration, retinal detachment, glaucom...

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Eyes Of Texas: Dealing with dry-eyes

Having dry eyes is a problem that we all experience at some point. At Eyes of Texas, we are experts in ocular health and will provide you a professional opinion, however, if you present dry eyes after you read, use the computer, or after doing a long time vis...

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a week ago
Eyes of Texas makes you feel welcomed and comfortable as soon as you walk in, which helps with the rest of the tests you take in the office. I love the staff too; they are so friendly and easy to talk to.
- Stephen B
a year ago
Loved the attention and service! Really recommend. Went in for an eye exam and glasses were ready the next day. They pay close attention to detail which I liked.
- Yovana G
a month ago
I went for a eye exam for contacts. The whole service is fantastic and Dr Simpson is very nice, patient and professional. Excellent experience.
- zhi q

Eyes of Texas - Eye Doctor

Whether you have eye problems or are using eyeglasses, you need to visit an Optometrist in Bryan regularly. Most people believe that you should only go to an eye doctor if you have eyesight problems, but it is crucial to go to a specialist for an eye check-up. At Eyes of Texas, we have eye doctors who can help you if you have eye problems.

Here are several reasons why choosing to visit Eyes of Texas is the best idea.

Eye Doctor Can Identify Early Eye Diseases

If you want to go for an eye exam in Bryan, you need to make sure that you visit an Optometrist who is highly trained and experienced. Doctors at Eyes of Texas will spot diabetes and high blood pressure from your eyes. Your eyes are sensitive, and the optic nerve is responsible for showing the early symptoms. Neurological health conditions like aneurysms and optic neuritis can appear. You should seek medical advice from us if you want to be sure about your status.

You Could be at Risk of Retinal Detachment if You’ve Undergone Eye Surgery

After going through eye surgery, an eye exam near me could be not something you need to do. But it is possible to get retinal detachment after the procedure. That’s why you need to visit Eyes of Texas to get checked by a credible Optometrist in Bryan. This is crucial, especially if you want to make your vision better. If you don’t get treated, you may suffer from near-sightedness (myopia).

Dry Eyes

Are you in Bryan and suffering from dry eyes? If so, you should book an appointment at Eyes of Texas to come to see an eye doctor. Why? Dry eyes could be caused by aging or spending too much time on your computer. Getting treatment from a specialist will help you deal with the issue and improve your life. If you find yourself struggling to perform your daily tasks, you should come to us immediately. At Eyes of Texas, we will help you and offer the right treatment.

There are Eye Conditions that Are Irreversible if Not Detected Early

Several eye problems can be cured if detected early, but if not treated early, it could be challenging to treat the condition. That’s why it is crucial to visit an Eye Doctor in Bryan for an eye exam. Since most glaucoma symptoms can’t be noticed early, it is challenging to know if you have it. But, if you get your eyes checked regularly, you will detect it and treat it. At Eyes of Texas, we will ensure that you get the right treatment to continue living your best life.

Visit Eyes of Texas

At Eyes of Texas, you will meet Dr. Sue Simpson, a professional and experienced Optometrist in Bryan. She specializes in providing eye treatment for adults and kids and offers eyeglasses to those in need. If you want to get an eye exam, you can visit Eyes of Texas today to get to know more about your vision. You don’t have to wait for a condition to get worse so that you can visit.

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